Presentation skills you need for conferences

Did you know that most of the added value of your events comes from the quality of the presentations?

The success of your conference events is directly a result of the effort that you devote. The machinery of conference organisation is well oiled in Brussels. Your team are well versed in coordinating the venue, logistics and marketing to make your events memorable. These are the presentation skills you need for conferences.

Communicating EUrope events

At Communicating Europe+ we train teams and individuals to prepare and deliver clear, engaging presentations with confidence and clarity.

Our Presentation Skills training includes:

  1. Public speaking – use your voice effectively: warming up exercises and vocal techniques used by actors
  2. Body language – posture, facial gestures and what to do with your hands
  3. How to frame clear and meaningful messages
  4. Easy tips to design clear PowerPoint slides that help your performance
  5. Techniques to manage nerves – on the day

 Video analysis and feedback

You learn by doing. We film you and give you feedback to help you present with clarity and confidence. If these are the presentation skills you need for conferences then call us.

Communicating Europe+ builds the confidence of hundreds of people from a wide variety of Brussels based associations, institutions and companies.

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