How to write press releases and stories that get published

Writing for the media is a vital skill for anyone working in communications. This writing for the media training is for communications professionals who need to adapt texts from policy papers and reports to stories that get published in the media or on websites.

In this writing for the media training participants will:

  • Learn about news value – what makes a news story
  • Understand what journalists and editors look for in news – hard and soft stories
  • Practise adapting texts, reports, position papers to news
  • Learn how to structure press releases, features, case studies and blog posts
  • Learn how to edit and proofread writing
What to expect

We will look at best practice examples of organisations that write effective news from their activities and events. There are many good examples of EU trade associations and organisations that write very readable news from policy papers and there are examples of poor writing.

We then take this learning and practise writing stories with news value for your own organisation.

Writing for the media – course content

Messages and target audiences

  • Expressing  the right core messages in copy
  • Choosing strong angles to grasp media attention
  • Headlines – strong headlines that get attention

Writing and drafting

  • Clarity and brevity
  • Appropriate tone, technical level and formality
  • Execution: clear, bright and engaging copy
  • Proper grammar usage

We will practise drafting your activities into news stories and then assess the likelihood of these being published.


We organise 1 day workshops or a series of half day sessions for organisations and individuals. We suggest a maximum group size of 6 people and we ask people to send us samples of their writing for assessment. We can also set written assignments and give feedback on accuracy and clarity.

This is tailor-made training that we can organise at your offices or at our place at Rue de la Science.

For more details and a quote please contact us

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