Communicating Change in an uncertain world

Communicating change is a skills that managers increasingly need to master. Change affects us all and how we plan and manage internal change in our organisation is a key management skill which requires planning and communications.

Our communicating change training is for management level staff who need to manage change in their organisation and carefully planned communications are crucial. How do we plan communicate in an environment where there is significant change. How do you handle yourself in difficult situations?

This training provides insight into planning and implementing successful change communications.

Course content
  • Communication phases – the strategic flow of communications
  • Visualisation – create the climate: prepare the teams and unit leaders
  • Realisation – engage and enable: project a vision, train leaders
  • Crystalising – implement and sustain: communicate buy-in, showcase wins, counter resistance, sustain impetus
  • Development of internal messages – Message frameworks (master narrative, key messages for management)
  • Communications tools and platforms : Face-to-face and On-line
  • Evaluation and measurement : Evaluation of inputs – number of activities, communications
What happens in the communicating change training

This training gives learners the opportunity to develop a strategy and action plans

  1. A communications strategy that provides the framework for communications and shows the link to the business / policy objectives.
  2. A Communications action plan –  a working document that details activities, calendar, budget and evaluation.

This communicating change training requires a commitment from staff to attend face-to-face sessions and complete the pre-course reading and quiz.

This programme includes 1-day or half-day sessions for organisations and individuals. We suggest a maximum group size of 10 people and we ask people to commit to some homework.

Follow up training

We can tailor a programme to include our other management skills training – such as Managing People and Leading Teams and Recruitment interviews

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