Engaging your membership – internal communication to maximize value

Most trade and industry organisations need to constantly demonstrate membership value. The tools we use for internal communication will get you there. You spend time engaging your membership and we can do this through communications.  What communications tools work when members are based in different locations and have varying interests? How can your association ensure your members are fully engaged? With the rise of social media, what is the most efficient way to communicate internally?

Your approach to building relationships with your members should not be different to external communications. This is internal communication. Focus on your business aims, choose the right tools and measure performance.


Our free workshop aims to help communications officers to have a strategic view of membership communications.

We will discuss and brainstorm many issues including:

  • How can we use internal communication tools to aid recruitment and membership?
  • Approaches to internal communications – ‘cascade’ versus ‘infuse’
  • Communication tools – internal polls, webinars, training, intranets, social media
  • Measuring what works to ensure continuing success.

What to expect – interactive training

This is an interactive workshop. Participants can expect to take part in group discussions, brainstorming and mini-presentations. We will then develop easy-to-remember checklists on effective member management and communication techniques.

By the end of the session, we hope you will have shared your ideas and learnt some new tips and techniques for membership engagement that you can put into practice.

 A Johnson 2MB  Amy Johnson has over 20 years experience in consumer marketing, corporate communications and public relations and has directed multi-national campaigns in the United States and Europe.She has an MBA in International Marketing and supports companies with their integrated marketing communications and corporate media relations. Amy recently worked on the international media relations for Tokyo 2020’s successful bid for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.She has worked with numerous Brussels based associations, corporate public affair and communications agencies.
 Communicating Europe Andrew Manasseh  Andrew Manasseh has worked in public relations and communications in the Brussels policy world for over 10 years.His academic and management background includes strategic marketing communications which he applies to large scale training programmes. He worked in management for 15 years with the British Council (UK Foreign Office) and was responsible for regional business development.He runs Communicating Europe+ a Brussels based training company. He has organized management communications for numerous Brussels based EU trade associations, NGOs, corporate public affairs and agencies.