There are strong links between successful projects in results and outcomes, and how well communicated they are.  But project partners often feel under resourced and over stretched when it come to project communications. There are not the resources and budgets that large companies can devote to communications. So how can we do a good job for our projects?

The aim of our project communication training is give you a toolkit that you scale to the size of your projects.

An important theme in our project communication training is how to improve overall project communications by making sure the planning and set up is relevant and effective.

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In order for communications to be effective, it needs to be part of the set up and planning of any project from its initial stages. This training is designed to help project partners, consortia and organisations who are considering to apply for and run EU funded projects to be able to plan effective communications into their projects from the start.

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Participants will come away with a set of marketing and communication tools that they can use to plan and implement project communications. It will help them to write a quality project application, plan detailed strategy and ensure that partners and contractors are all on board.

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Our training seminars offer participants training on:

  1. Strategic communication planning: objectives, audiences, messages, tools and channels
  2. How to write a communication plan
  3. How to develop messages and write interesting content
  4. Management of the process – partners and contractors
  5. Monitoring and evaluation of communications: how to measure inputs and outputs
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University of Turin
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Earma Conference for Research Administrators
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