Pitch perfect training online

Online bite sized training – this is better than before.

We now deliver communications training online via webinars and online coaching. This format is working very well for our clients – they get bite sized training, feedback on their performance and online study materials.

We will return to in-class courses when social distancing allows when when we can be comfortable. And we look forward to being with people in person. But training and development goes on.

Writing skills training online

Our clients have found that the webinar format works particularly well with writing skills training. We have been running these as follows:

  • 2-hour webinars for groups – briefing and group discussion about writing principles
  • Follow up individual coaching (online) where we work on participants’ own writing samples.
  • Access to our online study resources – study at your own pace

Presentation skills online

We have adapted our training to help people to present on line – either on Zoom or Webex. Many of the public speaking skills are similar as with face-to-face but there are new things to think about when presenting into a laptop camera.

The formula is very much up to what suits you and your staff but we have organised training as follows:

  • Online study materials – participants access our materials
  • Group webinar: 2-hour briefing session for the group
  • Individual presentation practice sessions (online) we record and playback each person’s presentation for feedback and learning

Online training materials

We can provide learners with access to our online platform with a range of materials background reading, tasks, case studies for them to read up on the subject before and after the training.

We have a range of course materials that are available for learners to read at their own pace.

More information?

If you would like to organise a programme we can first have a briefing call to discuss. I am available for a chat on 0032 473 391890. Or email me at info@communicatingeu.com