Seminars, workshops and events – techniques to liven things up a bit

How can we make our workshops and seminars more exciting and interactive? How can we get more active participation? The workshop includes tips and techniques to liven our events up.

Course content
  • Pre-event planning  – how to brief speakers and prepare messages
  • At the event – how to set the energy level, introduce speakers and set the rules
  • Managing training seminars and workshops: set clear instructions, use examples, give feedback
  • Management – ability to steer the discussion, review and summarise the main messages
  • Managing difficulties – poor presenters, awkward / unclear questions from the audience
  • How to break the ice and get maximum audience participation.

We will discuss and practice activities that can make meetings and workshops more interactive.

This moderating workshops training is for staff at EU trade associations, foundations, corporate public affairs and regional offices who have to animate events, seminars and meetings with their members as well as policy makers in the EU institutions.

What to expect in the training

The most useful practice task for chairing meetings training is to be recorded and receive feedback from the trainer. Staff will be made aware of their strengths and areas to work on and will have more confidence to chair and present at working group meetings.


We organise half-day workshops for organisations and individuals. This training works for groups of up to 18 people.

This is tailor-made training that we can organise at your offices or at our place at Rue de la Science.

Follow up training

We can tailor a programme to include Presentation Skills or Media Training. Our clients often ask for follow up training in Advanced Writing skills so that staff are well practised in developing both spoken and written messages.

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