Presentation skills for people who want to speak with confidence.

Some people are natural presenters others need to learn and practice techniques. This presentation skills training is for staff who want to feel comfortable and prepared when they have to speak at events, conferences or meetings.

Course content
  • Use vocal techniques to add impact – intonation, pauses, speed, word stress
  • Speak clearly – enunciate sounds and project the voice
  • Control hand gestures, facial expressions and body language.
  • Convey key messages that tell a story
  • Create and use simple and effective PowerPoint slides
  • Be ready to respond effectively to a range of questions from your audience

Expect to be active right from the start. We will start with some breathing, relaxation and vocal warm up exercises.

Video recording and playback

You will prepare and deliver three short presentations that we will record and play back to you.

Our feedback includes comments on the vocal and non-verbal techniques, delivery of clear messages, visual aids, how to respond to questions and manage nerves. Throughout the training we discuss a checklist of factors that make presentations memorable and clear.

What you take away

You will receive your recorded presentations, feedback notes, checklist and presentations skills manual. These will help prepare future presentations and develop your confidence. All this in one day. No other training company goes this far to help coach you and improve your presentation skills.


Participants attend face-to-face sessions and re-write and rehearse their presentation. Our training format includes:

  1. A pre-course task that includes reading some notes, watching videos and completing a task
  2. Face-to-face training sessions to review learning points and practice.
  3. Training task for homework to re-write and rehearse a presentation.
  4. Follow up support (optional) – via email, Skype or FaceTime

This programme includes 1-day or half-day sessions for organisations. We suggest a maximum group size of 10 people and we ask people to send us samples of their PowerPoint materials.

Follow up training

We can tailor a programme to include Chairing Meetings Skills or Media Training. Our clients often ask for follow up training in Advanced Writing skills so that staff are well practised in developing both spoken and written messages.

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