How to Develop Messages

We can all create clear, precise messages if we try hard enough.

We all accept that we need to communicate clear, concise messages that people remember. We have grown tired of buzzwords like ‘stakeholder’ and ‘optimization’. We are not at all convinced by messy ‘missions’ and ‘visions’. 

We can all create clear, precise messages if we apply some basic principles to our communications. You can learn some tips and put them  into practice in our training

Who this is for:

This training is for anyone who has to prepare a presentation, write a paper in the EU policy influencing game or pitches to new clients in the corporate world. It is not just for the communications teams – but for anyone who is in the business of trying to influence the EU institutions, their members, their customers or the media.

In this session we look at:

  •      The nature of corporate and institution public sector messages
  •      How messages resonate and are remembered
  •      The Message House – big ideas sold with big words
  •      Proof points – evidence, storytelling, facts and figures

Audience participation required:
This is an interactive session and you will take part in group work where you will compete to develop the best messages. You’ll meet lots of nice people too!

To register:

To attend this free of charge breakfast session email us at:

One person per organisation please!