Chairing and managing meetings

The chairing and managing of meetings is a vital management skill that staff in most organisations need to be able to master.

However, in my experience many staff who are responsible for organising and managing meetings have not been trained on the planning tools and skills that they need. This is stuff that we tend to pick up as we go along. .


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Management communications training

I have recently organised training and advice for some Brussels based trade associations whose ‘business’ is delivered largely through working group meetings or technical committees. I see the problem as being a management issue, not just down to personal communication skills.

Like any business activity we need to have at our disposal business planning tools that help us to fit our meetings plans to the business objectives of our organisation.

Secondly, it is about the chair or moderator who knows how to play the room. Some people have a natural aptitude and others don’t. But we can all learn from a checklist of best practices

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