Writing that is neat and precise

Writing techniques

I like my writing to be like my house – neat and tidy.

We all need to be able to write clear, concise texts that convey our messages. Writing is a difficult skill to master but there are some principles you can learn to help keep your writing neat and precise.

Come to our free breakfast session on Thursday 28 November from 9.30 – 11.00 where you can find out great tips for writing.

Venue: Rue de la Science 14b – 1040 Brussels

Learn writing techniques to help you to:

  • Cut unnecessary words but not key details
  • Choose the best verbs for the job
  • Fine tune your sentences
  • Help your readers to navigate your texts

Our breakfast sessions are interactive – you will learn some principles and then work in group to edit sample texts. You also get coffee / tea, juice, fruit and croissants. What a way to start the day.

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Places are limited to one person per organisation.

Trainer – Andrew Manasseh
Andrew leads the Communicating Europe+ team. He runs a range of writing skills training for the European Central Bank and numerous Brussels based advocacy groups, NGOs and trade associations.


Our writing skills courses

Advanced Writing Skills is our most popular training programme at Communicating Europe+. We organise tailor-made writing skills courses for companies, associations and institutions in Brussels. We train the European Central Bank, The European Investment Bank as well as numerous trade associations, NGOs and  networks in Brussels

You can improve if you practise and get feedback on your writing from a trainer. We always give you pre-course writing tasks that we review with ‘tracked changes’ comments and recommendations. This is the only way of learning more about yourself and how to improve your writing skills.

For more details and a quote please contact us

Tel: +32 473 391890 or +32(2)880 3744 or email at info@communicatingeu.com