Presentations – tell me a story

What do I know already? What do I care about? Tell me something I didn’t know and use language that I understand. Tell me a story that I will remember – for the right reasons. Then I will care about your presentations.

This is what is going through my head when I watch people presenting. And I don’t give people that much time to shape up – just a few seconds, in fact.

Is that hard of me? Maybe – but we all need to be able to present with confidence and clarity. Our presentations need to be memorable, novel and interesting – for the right reasons.

Here are my flipchart notes from a recent training on presentations. Stories are simple. Stories are powerful. But it’s also the way you tell them. Come to session and find out some great tips for public speaking.

  • Learn how to warm up your voice and pace your speech
  • Add impact to your stories and make them novel and memorable
  • Learn how to tell a good story even it’s about a policy briefing
  • Learn how to structure your presentations.

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