Marketing communications – the story that everyone cares about

Find the story that everyone cares about at our strategic marketing communications workshop


Most of us, as communicators, have to sell the value of communications internally. We often get stuck with doing lots of tasks. We react to the requests from our members. We don’t get asked to give a vision beyond “we’re here to represent our industry.” It’s no wonder that we find it difficult to get people out there to care about our sector. _C3C1640


How can we discover the compelling story about our sector that people care about? We need to ask a series of critical questions to find the “why”. This is will help find the story that people care about.

Helen Dunnett, from Bispella, will tell you her story and how she manages to help organisations and associations find the stories that makes them relevant. She will share with us her method for uncovering those stories that people care about.

We will brainstorm many issues including:

  • How can you sell the value of communications to your leadership?
  • How do you make your organisation or sector stand out with communications?
  • What questions can we ask to uncover the compelling story about your sector?

Read for an insight.



What to expect

This free session is for communicators – whether from trade associations, networks, NGOs, companies – you’re all welcome. This is an interactive workshop. You can expect to take part in group discussions, brainstorming and mini-presentations. We will then develop easy-to-remember checklist of questions to help you discover the compelling story of your industry.