Building powerful teams starts with you

Picture this. Your teenage daughter comes from school upset. Today hasn’t been good. In fact, the last couple of weeks have been awful. She’s fallen out with her best friends. And she’s out in the cold.

She feels taken for granted. “It’s always me that organises things”. She complains that “I do everything and they don’t appreciate me.” and she starts to give up “I don’t know why I bother.”

Parental instincts fire up and you offer your worldly advice. “Have you told them how you feel? Maybe they don’t realise that you feel hurt?” Cue eye-roll and explosive response from daughter.  “Of course they know, I mean I haven’t spoken to them for ‘like’ 24 hours. If that isn’t clear I don’t know what is. They must know!!?!” You see your daughter stuck in her position of being right and blaming others, making assumptions, complaining, feeling frustrated and on the brink of quitting.

You offer support to your child but do you follow your own advice when you have issues at work? Misunderstandings, frustrations, conflict and breakdown of trust happens to any team and we need tools to help us manage this and them. Tools that help us thrive together and not just survive yet another awkward situation.

The process of building and sustaining a great team is deceptively straightforward and is based on several practices that aren’t considered normal business behaviour yet are the disciplines of inspiring leaders.

At Communicating Europe+ we train team leaders, line managers and directors how to use communication skills to build teams, delegate, give feedback and manage change. We believe that communications play a vital role in effective leadership. We are really pleased to add this Building Powerful Teams training to our offer.

Helen Dunnett
This programme is brought to you by Helen Dunnett, ICF accredited coach, who works with organisations to develop their teams. She brings together her experience of teamwork and team leadership with her coaching tools to create highly practical training modules that enable participants to walk out of each session armed with insights and skills that should create a step-change in performance. She has worked for over 25 years in the UK and Belgium with a diverse range of team structures such as freelance teams, volunteers, start-ups and small organisations, federations, multinationals and consulting agencies.

What your organisation can gain from investing in this training:

  • A team committed to breakthrough performance
  • A unified force with clarity on its purpose within the organisation
  • Effective conversations that focus on the right problems and the best results

What your team members will gain:

  • A new understanding of oneself and of others
  • Tools to manage difficult situations and conversations
  • Tools to motivate and shift into action
  • Willingness to step out of their comfort zone and take on new challenges

You can find more details our ‘Building Powerful Teams’ training here

You never know – this training might be useful if you have teenage children.

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We can tailor a programme to include our other management skills training – such as Managing People and Recruitment Skills  and Communicating Change

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