We are a team of experienced trainers and account managers who specialise in putting together the highest quality training programmes for our clients.

Practical courses
Our courses are practical, demanding, fun and effective. We are here to help your people (and you) to develop communications and management skills and confidence.

More than just a one off training
We spend time understanding your people, sector and training requirements and we adjust our materials and exercises to make the training fit your world.

Part of your talent development team
We manage all training needs analysis and follow up reporting to fit in with the learning and development plans and the business objectives of your company.

Learning resources
We provide pre-course reading, tasks and course assignments that help trigger learning before the training and continue after the course.

Experienced trainers
We work with a network of trainers who have real world experience of communications, management, media relations, journalism and public relations.

For more information
If you would like us to put together a management communications training programme for you and your staff or to give you communications advice, please contact us at info@communicatingeu.com