Media training for spokespeople and communication managers

The aim of this media training is to provide participants with the knowledge and practice of media interviews and other work with journalists.

Our media training sessions start with intensive briefings on the core principles, strategies, and practicalities that underlie strong performance in media interviews. Then we move into interview practice and coaching, where the most practical and enduring skills are built.

We work with experienced and qualified journalists who have trained numerous spokespeople from a range of public sector and corporate organisations.


Media training for spokespeople  – how to take control of interviews

  • What journalists want and do not want from spokespeople
  • The importance of key messages and memorable examples/proof points
  • How to bridge carefully from questions to talking points
  • Gaining confidence and maintaining clarity (avoiding jargon)
  • Different formats – down-the-line Skype, smartphone, print, broadcast
  • Recognising and avoiding common tricks, traps, and pitfalls
  • Universal do’s and don’ts for spokespeople 

Media training – live interviews and video analysis

The media training is highly practical and we will prepare real-life media interview scenarios for participants to practise. We do not do role plays – all the interview scenarios will be tailored to the context of your organisation and to the most likely media encounters (live broadcast, down-the-line, Skype, print, smartphone).

The feedback from the trainers is designed to be insightful and constructive, and will focus not only on the content of the interview, but also the degree to which the delegates managed to control the interview, the language they used, their tone of voice, intonation, and also their appearance and body language .

Experienced journalist media trainers

We work with a number of experienced journalists in Brussels and Geneva.


We organise 1 day workshops or a series of half day sessions for organisations and individuals and suggest a maximum of 6 participants per session.

This is tailor-made training that we can organise at your offices or an outside venue at Malbeek.

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