Customised training programme in strategic communications



UNIDO is the specialized agency of the United Nations that promotes industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability. The UNIDO office in Brussels liaise closely with the EU institutions  – industrial development has climbed the agenda in the new Commission.

So UNIDO have a unique opportunity to raise awareness and influence the policy debate. We were very pleased to work with the team and put together  a training programme to help them increase their profile with the local Brussels media and maximise opportunities to communicate at events and activities that UNIDO organises and where it participates.

After some discussion and analysis we put together a series of half-day sessions which included

  • Message development and positioning
  • Media relations
  • Speaking in public
  • Media interviews
  • How to structure written content for oppress releases and PowerPoint presentations
  • How to write for the web and social media.

We ran these half-day training sessions on a regular basis over a number of weeks and giving the team home work assignments to complete.

I am very impressed with how much the UNIDO team has taken on – they now feel equipped to be able to  plan their messages and speak in public and structure their writing to external audiences. UNIDO has a great story – and one of optimism. Looking forward to hearing them tell it.

This is a prime example of Communicating Europe+ working with clients to devise a tailor made programme which includes a whole range of strategic communications and personal skills training for teams.

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