Leading teams – how to build and lead effective teams

Leading teams is about working co-operatively, within the department and across units to achieve shared goals. The perception that staff do not necessarily need to work in teams should be challenged. There are numerous benefits to working together within the unit and across others units in organisations. These include joint problem solving, knowledge sharing and motivation.

Our aim as leaders should be to help everyone take responsibility and contribution to their own and other teams.

Communicating Europe+ Training

Course content

This workshop style training includes the following

  • How teams evolve – forming to storming
  • How to get to the positivity and productivity
  • Motivating team members and encourage team work and collaboration
  • Encouraging more knowledge sharing and joint problem solving
  • To help participants deal with conflict – mediate conflicts between staff
  • Encourage staff and teams to set out and deliver on their objectives
  • How to give support and feedback to team members


Participants should have reflected on the aspects of team working that affect their work. They should be able to identify the things that they are doing right and areas where they need to work on. The aim is to encourage all staff to work with teams more often and value and measure the benefits.


This leading teams training is provided by Andrew Manasseh and Laura Bacci who both have considerable experience in organising panel interviews, interviewing candidates and training managers.

Active learning

People learn best by doing, not by listening. The training sessions will include a variety of learning activities which include brainstorming, simulations, problem solving, group and individual presentations, video recorded interviews with feedback.

This programme includes 1-day or half-day sessions for organisations and individuals. We suggest a maximum group size of 10 people and we ask people to commit to some homework.

Follow up training

We can tailor a programme to include our other management skills training – such as Managing People and Recruitment Skills  and Communicating Change

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