The communication skills that negotiators use

Negotiation skills are key to achieving a good deal. Successful negotiators are able to use effective communication skills to achieve their policy and business aims. This training is for staff at EU trade associations, NGOs, foundations, corporate public affairs and regional offices. It is for people who negotiate with their members as well as policy makers in the EU institutions.

This negotiation skills training course combines some light theory on negotiation techniques with training activities to help participants to plan and practise negotiations.

EU project communications skills training

In this negotiation skills course participants will

  • Understand the different styles of negotiations (win-win, win-lose, cooperation, competition)
  • Apply techniques to workplace situations both internal with colleagues and external with contractors or other important stakeholders
  • Understand how to plan for negotiations – set objectives, plan exit and entry positions
  • Be able to select the most appropriate style, language and presentations techniques for each negotiation

What to expect in the training

There will be input, discussion and practical tasks where you prepare for and take part in a negotiation. These will be videoed for playback, analysis and coaching. The communication skills will be the focus of the feedback of the negotiation skills.

Detailed course content

  • Know how to plan for negotiations – setting objectives, planning exit and entry positions
  • Structure positions and arguments appropriately
  • Apply these techniques to workplace situations
  • Select the most appropriate style, language and presentations techniques for each negotiation


We organise 1 day workshops for organisations and individuals. This training works for groups of up to 18 people.

This is tailor-made training that we can organise at your offices or at our place at Rue de la Science.

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