Everyone can benefit from communication skills training. We call them the big three – presentations, negotiations and writing.  In fact, we should say the big four and include chairing meetings which is more about management than performance.

Why do people need communication skills training?

So why do these skills come up as training needs so often? We all need to be able to do these and not everyone has had time to develop these skills. These days people have to work so hard and under such pressure that it is difficult to have time reflect on these softer skills that enable everyone to look the part.


We offer a whole list of communication skills training courses that include

What to expect in the training

Using learner centered training, we introduce ideas about effective management and communication techniques and then encourage learners to discover the rules and practise techniques and their skills.

The principle of learner centred training is that people learn best by doing, not by listening. People learn new skills and competencies when they are involved in solving problems and working out the answers with help from the trainer.

You can expect to take part in lots of group activities such as brainstorming, mini-presentations, problem solving tasks. We will then develop easy-to-remember checklists on effective management and communication techniques.

For more information

If you would like us to put together a comprehensive strategic media and communication skills programme for you and your staff please contact us at info@communicatingeu.com